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University of Strathclyde

Brand development / Brochures / Leaflets / Illustration

The University of Strathclyde in Glasgow’s city centre is as exciting and diverse as it gets.

The University campus occupies a huge footprint in Glasgow, is home to thousands of students and offers hundreds of courses across its five faculties. When we were asked to modernise the brand and devise a set of guidelines we knew we’d have to up our sleeves.

Over time and in the process of producing thousands of bits of literature the brand and the logo had ‘evolved’ into a multitude of styles and formats. Our first job was to get a bird’s eye view of everything that’s produced and work back from there.

In addition to giving the logo a stronger, cleaner and more modern look we devised comprehensive rules for how it is deployed. We created guidelines that better defined each faculty identity, that covered choosing and handling images and the layout of marketing literature.

Subsequently we’ve designed and delivered a variety of print and display projects for various departments across the University.

Strathclyde MBA Brand
Strathclyde University
Strathclyde MBA Brochure image
Strathclyde MBA Leaflet
Strathclyde MBA Brochure Illustration
Strathclyde MBA Brochure
Strathclyde MBA Brochure Spread

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