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Sustainable, accessible & conservation led solutions.

New Bold Design Limited is an award winning architectural design consultancy led by passivhaus expert Philip Newbold who draws on over 40 years’ experience encompassing all types of design and construction projects for a wide variety of clients from both the public and private sectors.

We were asked by Philip to give his company image a bit of a refresh and in particular to bring his website up to date.

The site we knew had to be responsive and focus primarily on past projects to show Newbold’s credentials to best advantage. We also wanted to highlight his expertise in sustainable, accessible and conservation led solutions so built those key USPs into the site structure from the very start. The site is very much case study led and visitors are prompted to browse key projects directly from the homepage. In time more projects will be added to the site and the layout and structure has been designed with this very much in mind, growing and expanding over time… you might say it’s almost as sustainable as some of New Bold’s buildings.

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