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Candidate ID

Brand development

More than words…simply join the dots.

Candidate ID develop software products aimed at transforming the way organisations source and manage their recruitment operations. Their end goal is to effectively automate the whole talent pipeline process. They approached us to take their existing brand to the next level and develop the messaging, look and feel to launch their products and services to a global audience.

Pictures can communicate complex ideas much faster than words and we started thinking about the software’s properties and how we could get them across in as visual a way as possible. We took the themes of speed, energy, connections and networks and developed a series of dynamic graphics to be deployed across their various media channels and marketing collateral. The illustrations were designed to tie in with the existing logo which also enjoyed a subtle facelift.

Candidate id illustration
Candidate id signage
Candidate id illustration
Candidate id illustration
Candidate id illustration website
Candidate id illustration
Candidate id booklet

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